Dior steps into the gaming world thanks to an unprecedented collaboration with Gran Turismo 7, aka GT, carving out an exclusive space in one of the best-selling and most beloved videogames ever. The partnership, released on August 25, features Kim Jones, Dior creative director, who for the occasion has designed and created – always in virtual way – clothing for the game’s character-avatar, equipping it with a yellow racing suit, matching gloves, Diorizon shoes and a helmet. All, of course, declined according to the Dior style: the monogram with oblique motifs, the CD diamond that incorporates the ’60s logo and the “Christian Dior atelier Avenue Montaigne” patch. Not only a racing suit but also a De Tomaso Mangusta: The English designer has been called to customize the iconic model of the historic Italian car manufacturer, also adding a very visible number 47, dear to Dior as the maison’s foundation year (1947).
A collaboration that certainly tells a story of heritage but that sees the brand positioning itself in an innovative market – gaming – where luxury seems to cut a growing space.

Specifically, it’s known how many gamers spend time and resources to customize cars and outfits, thus offering many fashion brands a greedy opportunity to present themselves in an unconventional way.

A way of communicating that, thanks to metaverse’s affirmation, seems to have become a must; implicitly emphasizing how the “physical” is no longer enough in 2022 and how much the “virtual” has become a vast field of experimentation and profit.

Dior hastens to get on track and compete, presenting itself as yet another bridge between high fashion and gaming. Two realities initially at the opposites, today closer than ever.