Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana special sense for “the family” has been featuring not only the last advertising campaigns, but has become a communication project on its own.

Under the hashtag #DGFamily and with a dedicated website the brand brings together selected family portraits sent by people who become the subjects of an online photo album dedicated to families around the world.

People can upload photos of their family from their Facebook profile or from their computer, with the aim of depicting the family in all its nuances, with generations of today and yesterday, from the twentieth century to the present day “The photos should.People do not necessarily have to be wearing Dolce&Gabbana clothes but, in terms of pose, affinity and context, the portraits must be in line with the mood of the “Dolce&Gabbana-style” family as recounted in recent seasons through the communication campaigns” read the message on the website.

The cartoon version of Domenico and Stefano have been developed as the actual ambassadors of the project, and their 3D versions in actual sizes have been used as retail props, as seen at Pitti Bimbo in June or at the Dolce & Gabbana booth at LaRinascente this season.

The “cartoonification” process of the couple has reached its highest with the launch of a figurine playset. With 45 euros everybody now can have fun and play with the DG Family figurines in full: Domenico, Stefano and their toy versions of their Labrador puppies: Mimmo, Totò and Rosa and the Bengal cats: Zambia, Congo, Mali and Togo. The baroque – decorated window box can be used as a theater to create DG Family stories with, and all the characters are profiled inside the box for the best storytelling play.

The project has been developed and manufactured by Shangai Dafan Design Co. branch Tangwei Toy Factory, which specialises in resin and pvc anime dolls and action figures.

The retail price, altough premium, is closely related to the toy market than to the fashion business. The box is available online, at the brand’s flagship stores and at special retailers – like LaRinascente Milano.