Dries Van Noten, famous Belgian designer belonging to the “six of Anversa”, launches his exclusive line of fragrances and lipsticks, creating a collection extremely linear with the heritage and the aesthetics of his brand. Those that soon will be the object of the desire for many people, are actually very contemporary items: bottles and tubes made with recyclable materials, refillable, suitable for both male and female customers (genderless remains a strong point in fashion brand marketing strategies).

His entry into the world of beauty was already highly anticipated in 2018, when Puig, a Spanish multinational specialized in the world of fashion and fragrances, acquired the majority share of the maison. After four years of development, the project is finally ready to defeat the competition: 10 scents, gender fluid, composed of 85% natural ingredients, made by some of the most experienced noses of the moment, from Daniela Andrier to Fanny Bal and Daphné Bugey. The lipsticks, instead, contain 30 shades in different finishes, proposed as cases composed of two contrasting blocks inspired by the patterns and fabrics of the designer. Zebra pattern paired with a pale pink, speckled diluted with dark purple and cardinal red flanked put beside a blue Delft porcelain.

The idea was born from the challenge to recreate scents and colors of the garden of his home in Anversa, in order to give to the customers an original and extremely personal product, an olfactory extension of his creative soul.