It was October 1975 when Elton John’s two days performance at the Dodgers Stadium broke any records with more than 100,000 people. 45 years later, Mattel decides to celebrate this anniversary creating a featured Barbie in his honor – an encounter of two global pop icons.

Elton John Barbie doesn’t look of course like the Rocket Man, but she’s dressed up like him. This limited-edition Barbie doll has a glittery top and flared denim complete with the singer’s initials. His iconic multi-colored “Elton” bomber jacket is replicated with stars on its sleeves and rainbow stripes on its hem. She also has rainbow-patterned platform boots, a purple bowler hat and Elton’s signature sparkly pink sunglasses.

“Barbie is an icon in her own right, so having her pay tribute to my work and personal style is a real honor.” Elton John told Rolling Stone.

Elton John Barbie Doll, available for pre-order at $50 on the Barbie e-store, sold out in a few days: to own this piece of pop art is now a colletors’ business.