The fact that David Bowie is not just an artist but an iconic outsider icon is clearly demonstrated by the recent powerful usage of his imagery in the consumer product industries. Standing out among free thinkers of all stripes, exemplifying unapologetic individuality and fearless self-expression are qualities that add invaluable layers to the artist, giving Bowie a unique aura.

This is why the Spanish eyewear company Etnia Barcelona has chosen David Bowie for a limited edition which embodies the “Anartist” attitude, the campaign the brand has created as its distinctive positioning since a couple of seasons.

With a nod to the most eccentric Bowie “alter-ego” – Ziggy Stardust – Etnia dedicates 2 frames inspired by the costume designs David Bowie used to wear in the Glam Era.
Besides, a metal frame inspired by the sunglasses that David Bowie as the “Thin Withe Duke” wore in the movie “The Man Who Fell To Earth”.

The activation seems to make sense, as one of the two Ziggy models is already sold out on Etnia e- shop, while the price tag is not in the cheaper tier, from 185 € to 209 €.