Collaborations, capsule collections and limited edition dedicated to the Chinese New Year and its twelve zodiac animal signs have become a staple in the brand innovation scene. Western born global fashion brands are the power users of this platform, which allows direct and emotional connections to the greatly appealing Chinese consumers.

This year also Etro, a refined luxury brand with sartorial tradition and a passion for the paisley motif throws its hat into the field, and for the Year of the Rat has chosen Jerry mouse from the Tom & Jerry couple to star in a special capsule collection Etro x Tom & Jerry.

Although Tom is nothing to be seen, Jerry features special mixed paisley prints on a series of accessories like bags and scarves, and poses on the apparel part of the capsule, on t-shirts, sweatshirts and shirts.

The collection, for men and women, ranges from an entry level of 48€ of the Jerry Socks to 650€ of the Paisley Jerry Bucket Bag, while the hooded sweatshirt with Jerry print reaches the tag of 490€.

We will follow the trend this year also, and report the main Chinese New Year activations, so stay tuned as a Year of the Mouse can give many brands lots of ideas about such licensed character’s collabs.