Faliero Sarti & Disney

Two scarves celebrating Mary Poppins and “Saving Mr. Banks”, the just launched Walt Disney’s movie: the collaboration between Faliero Sarti and Disney starts with a blend of elegance, iconic style and humour .

Faliero Sarti, one of the most high end luxury scarves brand in the world, developed two printed micromodal cachemere designs dedicated to Mary Poppins, which will be distributed in selected stores and in all Faliero Sarti boutiques in conjunction with the movie.

A real story between comedy and drama, “Saving Mr. Banks” tells the adversities that the legendary Walt Disney faced with P.L. Travers, Mary Poppins’ author, in the making of what everybody knows as one of Disney’s masterpieces. Not everybody in fact knows that Disney spent more than 20 years to convince the hypochondriac Travers, featured by Emma Thompson in this movie, to sign a deal and turn the Banks’ nanny into a legend for every generation to come.

Faliero Sarti plays a new role in proposing Disney’s vault, premiering these Mary Poppins’ design as the first launch of a licensed range featuring other Disney characters, always treated with elegance and delicacy.