Managing licensing and licensed collaborations altogether, the British designer Neil Barrett has just reorganized its production to make the brand more democratic, thanks to the termination of his brand’s long term licensing agreement.

Neil Barret will continue manufacturing most of the collections in Italy, with an eye on the democratic side of his collections, and a focus on licensed capsule collections and collaborations.

According to the designer, this new reorganization will in fact allow the label to position at least half of its collection to lower prices by 40-60%. But the strategy also revs up collaborations to speak up this new energy and give more commercial appeal to the brand.

Among the collaborations showcased in the latest autumn/winter season, a capsule collection with the iconic character Felix the Cat from Universal Studios stands out, in a range which include a range of T-shirts, hoodies and accessories.

Another couple of collaborations worth a mention: NBA player James Harden features T-shirts and sweatshirts coming in stores this summer, while a reusable Neil Barret customized bottle manufactured by the Swiss specialist SIGG will be exclusively available in selected stores and the online store of Neil Barrett.