Fisher-Price, Mattel’s reference brand for infant and pre-school toys, has developed an unusual brand extension project together with Petsmart, American retailer specializing in pet products.

Fisher-Price Puppy Toy Line includes some replicas of well known toys, originally studied by the brand to stimulate mental and physical activities of infants and preschoolers, but also special pet toys inspired to the same look and feel of the ones for little humans.

Rock-a-Stack and Xylophone are revisited to puppies’ needs, while other noise-making plush items, like the Best Furr-end microwaveable toy and the Tug n’ Chew ring, rope and plush toy will enhance the abilities of the American puppies.

The launch has made possible through a licensing agreement Mattel signed with Fetch For Pets, a US company, licensees for many intellectual properties, whose vision is to bring entertainment and lifestyle brands, from Scooby-Doo, to Marvel, Minions, Friends, or Martha Stewart, to pets products.

Petsmart retail network is made of some 1,600 stores in USA, Canada and PuertoRico, and this exclusive match with the retailer’s strategy focused on providing customers with more “humanized products and services”, as Kristin Shane, senior VP merchandising at PetSmart declares.