NFT stands for Token Not Fungible, an acronym becoming a staple in the art business, for digital designers and for traders. For non-experts, NFT consists in a digital object, a video or an image, which can be digitally sold through cryptocurrencies in blockchain technology, by distributing ownership rights.

This art business big bang is quickly branching out to become a marketing and communication tool for fashion and lifestyle brands, and Domenico Formichetti brainchaild streetwear brand Formy Studio has just launched its first NFT crypto-art project.

“Feed me with the stars” is a concept created by Domenico Formichetti in collaboration with Pezzo di Studio, an Italian artists’ collective, with the aim of changing the rules of communication in the fashion scene

An entirely 3D, motion-packed graphic design, “Feed me with the stars” tells the story of the hallucinated journey of a young creative director through his own inner universe, where the space and the stars physically merge with the protagonist until they take over on the human being.

Formy Studio is not new to these unconventional digression from reality, from tributes to video games and trap houses, navigating in different historical periods from the fall of the Berlin Wall to dystopian settings of a post-apocalyptic Las Vegas.

With this new project Formy Studio asks existential questions about our lives, our way of relating to the outside world and our way of experiencing art, arriving to a personal Hamletic doubt: are we inside or outside a video game? And above all, will we ever find our “exit door”?

The work is auctioned this week, with a starting point of just over 1 Ethereum – about 2.000€.