The significant global growth of gaming has generated a new breed of gamers and -especially – a new way of living the gaming experience, with a target of players composed no longer of kids and nerds, but of plain adults. New players who are increasingly looking for engagement and inclusiveness, with the main result being that gaming is more and more attractive also to luxury fashion brands.

From Gucci with Tennis Clash to Louis Vuitton and League of Legends, passing through Animal Crossing with Valentino and Marc Jacobs, we find now in the spotlight the partnership between Moncler and the “battle royale” videogame Fortnite.

A multi-level collaboration, in fact, this “Moncler Classic Set” is inspired by Moncler 1017 Alyx 9SM models, the third chapter of the collaboration with Matthew Williams within the collaborative Moncler’s Genius project. The outfits are created by the current creative director of Givenchy, designed to dress the main characters of the game, Andree and Renee, to celebrate the contrast between light and shadow.

In the Fortnite store, players can buy a light or dark look skins for their avatar, either they can choose the “reactive” model thanks to which the clothes will change color, with shades from light to dark depending on the level of altitude of the game.

The Moncler Set also includes a series of accessories, such as an “Ombrel-tubo” umbrella, an “Ombrel-ascia” pickaxe and a “Para-Pluie” hang glider. The bundle also includes the Fortnite “La Vetta” loading screen.

Fortnite created this video to present the partnership and the collection.