On April 1st, the world’s leading lifestyle brand for gamers Razer launched a Youtube video presenting “Razer Razer”, the “world’s first shaving mouse powered by Razer Chroma RGB”. It was indeed an April Fools’ joke, but somehow the joke inspired Gillette marketers, inducing them to bring it to reality.

A week ago, in fact, Gillette launched its Gillette Labs x Razer, a collaborative version of an existing Gillette Labs with Exfoliating Bar, featured by the acid green Razer’s signature colour and a Razer logo on the handle.

The product features remain the same of the standard Gillette Labs version, while the promise to consumer becomes “take your shaving to the next level”, empowered by the claim Feel Sharp, Play Sharp.

This limited edition launches just in time for Gamescon, one of Europe’s leading trade fairs for digital games culture, presented on both Gillette website, and on Razer’s Instagram and Facebook profiles, the latter anticipated one day before the launch with a teasing post referring to April video.