Starting from May 24th, a new collection born from the partnership between Crocs and the Japanese videogame company, SEGA, will be available worldwide featuring the universe of one of its most famous games, Sonic the Hedgehog, .

It is a collection that combines the comfort, functionality, and classic Crocs style with the nostalgic mood back when one would try to overcome levels, collecting as many gold rings as possible, facing challenges, and defeating enemies with Sonic’s friends.

Designed for fans around the world and of all ages, the new collection of Classic Clogs from Crocs is inspired by Sonic’s bright red shoes, along with Jibbitz charms representing the friends of the protagonist and the iconic elements of the game, such as the famous golden rings and hot dogs with chili. 

Crocs confirms itself as a constantly evolving brand, frequently experiments with different styles using the collaborations platform in unusual pairing,  such as the unforgettable one with KFC.