The Q4/2019 edition of Brand Jam’s Halo Licensing Survey has just been delivered to subscribers: another perfect tranche de vie in the licensing, branding and retail scene. And the good news is that you can subscribe using our promo offer.

Our quarterly survey tracks license-driven campaigns from brands around the world every quarter. Once again, this most recent issue contains insights, as well as links to well over 300 campaigns collated over the last three months.

The Halo Licensing Survey gives a comprehensive overview of licensing’s role within the global collaborations ecosystem. This latest edition shows once again which property owners and users are working together, and how they are building stories to win the battle for mindshare and sales.

Q4’s report shows a few trends pulling away from the pack, including:

The triumph of video games

With huge captive audiences, open attitudes to partnership and few traditions to live by, gaming brands seem set to do much more than catch up to their analogue rivals. An eSports campaign got our vote as the best of the last quarter – and perhaps the most influential of 2019. Find out which

Anniversary Fever

If older is better, then nothing screams “vintage” quite like an anniversary. Character licensing last quarter was heavily influenced by birthdays for Felix the Cat (100), Marvel (80) and Spongebob (20). Elsewhere, tributes to Motown’s 60th anniversary caught our eye. More brands than ever are hungry for “deep cut” content and the special touches that anniversaries provide context for.

Big in China

With several viral successes over recent seasons, China is becoming an increasingly fertile ground for high-profile licensed activations. Last quarter produced several interesting campaigns that clearly show a different dynamic at play. Examples including Budweiser, Pepsi and Ed Hardy feature in our report, along with the first shoots of the annual Chinese New Year scramble.

To see how these and other threads are shaping deals and value creation in the licensing space, the Halo Licensing Survey is by far the most comprehensive and insightful resource in the market.

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