Happy Socks is collaborating with WWF to help preserve our planet with a more sustainable collection of organic cotton socks. The WWF special edition collection highlights the world’s leading environmental organization’s recent successes in their conservation work and tells positive stories through Happy Socks’ signature forever-colorful designs. As a part of the collaboration, Happy Socks are also raising funds through the sales of the collection in support of WWF’s conservation efforts to create a sustainable future where people and nature live in harmony.

The Happy Socks WWF Special Edition comes in two themes, each one featuring four different designs. The first theme pays tribute to nature’s unceasing fight to regenerate. Each design is inspired by an important achievement: populations of giant pandas and mountain gorillas recovering from the brink of extinction, wild tigers making a roaring comeback and coral reefs bouncing back from climate change.

The second theme highlights WWF’s work to protect biodiversity and fight against climate change. The work of the Coalition to End Illegal Wildlife Trade Online is the inspiration behind the first design. The second style celebrates the fact that the future is finally looking brighter for the blind Indus river dolphin. While the third designs celebrate the seas, which are getting cleaner thanks to such efforts like the WWF-led mission in the Baltic Sea that hauled up 268 tons of waste that hurt our marine life.

The Happy Socks WWF Special Edition Collection is made from certified organic cotton only. It features 8 new designs, available as single pairs and as part of two different 4-pack gift sets. All in matching styles for kids and adults.