Worlde is coming to all Americans’ tables. We are not talking about a dish but rather about the online game (on app) that has been very successful in the United States during the pandemic. Designed in 2021 by software engineer Josh Wardle as a gift for his wife, and purchased a few weeks after by the New York Times, it takes advantage of the same puzzle features already known as Mastermind or Jotto, with the ultimate goal of finding the hidden word.

In October, thanks to the collaboration with Hasbro, it will be available as a board game with only one important difference from the online version: you challenge yourself with others, to a maximum of four players.

The most interesting aspect, in addition to the partnership of one of the most authoritative American newspapers, is that an online hype becomes – in some way – paper, as if we were moving from digital to analog, while we are used to find digital versions of our favorite games. The fact that consumers appreciate again the simplicity and originality of board games is also noted by the growing sales of the category measured worlwide by research specialists like NPD.