Smiley World has announced another raid on the fashion business with a partnership with VF Corporation brand LEE, to launch in Asia from July.

While the celebrations for Smiley’s 45th anniversary in 2017 are in full swing, with activities in many product categories including food and promotions, this new collection sees Smiley’s expanding its fashion product reach, this time via the not-so-easy denim segment, and showcases the brand’s suitability across the full fashion spectrum.

Speaking about the collaboration, Smiley CEO Nicolas Loufrani said “We are very happy to celebrate our anniversary with Lee, which is a brand with such an incredible history and a great culture of denim. The SMILeeY collection we have co-created is the first real denim collection we do since the psychedelic patch collections my father launched with Levi’s in 1973. It is a real cult edition that will with no doubt bring happiness to Lee and Smiley fans.”

It’s interesting how the collection’s labelling and prints integrate both brands in one device.