It takes the celebration of 150th anniversary of a brand, plus the National Day of the product category, and a global artist which has both a great passion for the brand so much so to have it tattoed on his arm, and a great dose of self-humour. This is the recipe to develop one of the best FMCG collaboration activations of the last seasons.

Ed Sheeran has partnered with Heinz, which celebrates this year its 150th anniversary, to launch a “limited edition” (if so can be said of a globally distributed ketchup bottle) launched during UK’s National Ketchup Day.

Heinz Edchup comes all the way from the love the pop singer shows not only through the Heinz Ketchup tattoo on his arm, but mainly with an intensive social activity on Instagram featuring Heinz ketchup, mirrored by the marketers staff at Heinz, with enthusiastic reposts and tags.

Smartly developed, the special Edchup bottle sports a “tomatoed” Sheeran emoji, but there’s more to it: to greet the most avid fans, a 150 pieces batch has been distributed (and sold out immediately) at one of his 3 favourite restaurants in Framlingham; Rumbles Fish Bar, Zorbas and Pizza and Grill.