With the global growth of gaming business, more and more brands try to create the perfect furniture for gamers, such as Ikea or Herman Miller. However, there are still brands that find their hot spot going against this trend, and one of those is certainly Hendrick’s Gin, well known for its retro style and eccentric brand extension acts, with a sample just presented for this season: Hendrick’s limited edition gaming chaise longue.

Hendrick’s Gaming Chaise has been proudly engineered specifically for the “unplugged” play. Its very length of seven-foot would make it difficult for it to be situated in front of a computer or television screen and. In fact “this chaise longue was designed just to enjoy a good cocktail and some conversation with friends”, as the product description on Hendrick’s website reads.

The Chaise Longue has been equipped with covert compartments, useful for cocktail supplies, old school gaming pieces such as card, chess, backgammon and other board games. The design, with “zero-ergonomic features” is inspired by the Carter Head and Bennett, the two copper still types used in the creation of Hendrick’s Gin, with an upholstered in tufted green velvet, providing a stark contrast to typical black leather swivel chairs of the gamers.

On the side of the chaise longue there is also a horn, completely analogue but fully functional, while on the opposite side there is a retractable arm, engineered to support cocktails, playing cards, and other objects.

Hendrick’s Chaise Longue is available on Hendrick’s “Tiny Shop” online, powered by Links Unlimited, along with other amazing Hendrick’s items.