Like fashion and accessories, luxury beverage brands are joining the ranks of brands using the Chinese New Year celebrations to launch limited editions in a bid to stay relevant.

Cognac brands Hennessy and Courvoisier have just announced their welcome to the Year of the Dragon with limited edition bottle collections, both designed by Chinese artists.

Yang Yongliang is the artist chosen by Hennessy to create a digital artwork called ‘Dragon’s Odyssey’, which has been applied to three different bottles for Hennessy’s three cognacs VSOP, XO and Paradis.
The idea of the dragon is powerful for both Yongliang’s work and for Hennessy, as the artist explains, “It’s such a traditional motif. The core value of my artistic pursuit is to renew things that are traditional – and I find the same idea resonates with Hennessy’s concept. The spirit is extremely traditional, but also contemporary.”

Courvoisier has teamed up with painter Jiannan Huang, born in the Year of the Dragon, for a three-bottle collection.

The first cognac in the collection, the Year of the Dragon Blend, is a rare Courvoisier blend of eaux de vie from previous Dragon Years, the oldest dating back to the last century. Available in only 8 bottles, the blend is presented in a Baccarat crystal decanter with a ceramic base designed by Huang.

L’Essence de Courvoisier features Huang’s dragon painting on the bottle and box, while Courvoisier XO has a new box featuring Huang’s red dragon design.

Although the packaging and taste have been studied with Chinese consumers in mind, both limited editions will be available to the global market.