For the first time Hennessy, the cognac brand of LVMH group,  renames his bottle of Hennessy VS, and it does it for the unusual occasion of the celebration of fifty years of hip-hop.

In fact the cognac brand has a long time connection with this genre and its culture, supporting hip-hop artists over the years, including the famous multi-Grammy Award-winning rapper, NAS.

And it is precisely with him that Hennessy joines forces to create a new limited edition bottle, remodeling the name in ‘HenNASsy’ and accompanying it with a trio of cocktails, offering fans the opportunity to celebrate the anniversary of hip-hop at home.

This synergy which combines tradition with innovation, putting at center stage the power and the global influence that hip-hop has had, goes beyond the bottle. Hennessy accompanies the launch of this limited edition with a campaign, Rep Yours, which aims to represent both the leading artists of the past and the emerging ones.

From his side, NAS launches a short video in collaboration with photographer Renell Medrano, who tells his story of his Bronx days, embued of his New York roots.

And social media, powered by AI, are part of the project as well. “Hennessy AI.bum Cover” is the tailor made app Hennessy is launching, which allows fans to transform their selfies into hip-hop album covers