H2 is the brand under which a new creative partnership between Heron Preston and H&M is launched, with a debut collection on March 14.

A debut collection that marks the start of a multi-year deal between the Swedish retailer and the talented creative, challenging the norms of collaboration and extending Heron Preston’s creative vision to a wider global audience.

The H2 partnership is designed to represent a new approach to collaboration, where product, people and process play equal roles in bringing the shared values of Heron Preston and H&M to life. The partnership includes both seasonal collections and creative advisory, but also includes empowerment of young creative talent, with a circular innovation program underscored by a joint commitment to closing the loop of fashion.

As a first step, the inaugural H2 collection is a manifestation of this multifaceted vision, inspired by the beauty of everyday style and designed as a unified cut for the attitude and street style of New York.

The H2 debut collection drops in tandem with the launch of H2 Exchange– a circular fashion program, always under the creative direction of Heron Preston, aiming to equip a new generation designers with circular mindsets and skillsets, and infusing H&M’s circular initiatives with creativity, community and learning experiences.

“I believe it’s a collection that can be seamlessly integrated into anyone’s existing wardrobe” declares Heron Preston. “The idea is to acknowledge individuality through design codes, fits, shapes, and styles that everyone around the globe can relate to.”