H&M x La Vache Qui Rit, french-pop Chinese New Year

This 2021 Chinese New Year celebrates the Ox – not the easiest zodiac sign to be interpreted as usually in limited editions though iconic characters.

In fact just a few lifestyle and luxury brands ventured this year with licensed activations, but the choice made by H&M with The Laughing Cow is worth a mention.

La Vache Qui Rit, the famous mass market cheese brand, was created in 1865 by Jule Bel, who started his company, now well known as Groupe Bel, pioneering the industrial production of cheese through melting processes, and leading the industry to the mini cheese triangles as we know them.

It is not an actual ox, but this iconic red laughing cow, the same we have already seen last year in a collaboration with the luxury brand Olympia Le Tan, is featured on a special Chinese New Year collection launched by H&M in the Far East region.

The capsule includes 4 sweatshirts, available in two different colors, red and white, as well as a pair of red socks with the cow print.

The collecction is only available at H&M stores in Vietnam, China, Hong-Kong, Taïwan, Thaïland, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia and on the hm.com website.

A collection which brilliantly solves the celebration with an iconic mass market brand with a unique frenchy-pop touch. Waiting for next year’s easier Year of the Tiger.


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