Brunello Cucinelli’s own special way to manage his brand involves brand extension too. A long term co-branded licensing deal with a partner who shares the same business ethos seems to better fit the brand’s views on brand extension than any other royalty-driven deal.

This was the foundation of last year’s partnership with Essilor Luxottica, and this is the same that today ties the brand with Euroitalia, an Italian family company specializing in fragrances, on the first two Brunello Cucinelli fragrances launch.

These are “contemporary licensing agreements”, according to the same Brunello Cucinelli’ definition, to underscore that when a category is key to the brand’s business, and he sees it as a perfect integration, the deal must align the two partners not only around the brand values, but also the same work ethic.

The idea behind a fragrance launch is explained by Cucinelli this way: “It is precisely durability, a great value to me, that has inspired my choice, given how long fragrances, from the ancient East to the modern West, have fascinated women and men and accompanied their lives.”

Euroitalia was founded by Giovanni Gariboldi in 1978, the same year of Brunello Cucinelli foundation, and was managed by him and his family ever since. The deal with Euroitalia dates from 2020, and the partners took 3 years to launch Brunello Cucinelli pour Femme and Brunello Cucinelli pour Homme.

Licensees for Versace, Moschino, Dsquared2, Missoni and Michael Kors, Euroitalia has used two Firmenich master perfumers, Daphné Bugey and Olivier Cresp, to develop these two first fragrances, inspired by the cypresses seen at Brunello Cucinelli headquarters in Solomeo, Italy, and dedicated to “dreamers, celebrating them as contemporary heroes” as Carolina Cucinelli, co-creative director of the brand puts it.

The fragrances has benn launched last week, and are available exclusively at Brunello Cucinelli stores, while starting May 2023 they will be in all the selected fragrances stores in Europe and Middle East, in USA by October, and in Asia in 2024.