Since 2004 H&M has embarked on a path of diverse collections, with annual releases, in collaboration with luxury brands, fashion designers, and music stars. Starting with Karl Lagerfeld, then through Jimmy Choo, Versace, Stella McCartney, Balmain, Billie Eilish, changing register time by time. This year it presented the Iris Apfel x H&M collection.

The register of this season is a bold an colourful one, orchestrated with Iris Apfel, the interior designer and icon of style well known around the world for her flamboyant fashion and bold outfit and accessories. The collaboration celebrates her original style in the year of her 100th birthday.

A mix of textures, patterns and cut in key items features H&M x Iris Apfer, including a jacquard suit, a voluminous frilled tulle jacket and a flouncy tiered skirt and blouse set in a stunning iris flower print. A rainbow of fabulous, vivid colours — canary yellow, emerald green, radiant violet, vivid turquoise, sunset orange — bring the garments to life.

A line of jewellery and accessories has also been designed to complement the wardrobe. Taking inspiration from Iris Apfel’s love of layering and fondness for chunky statement pieces, the accessories pull from many themes, including plants, animals, and treasures from another world.

“I think H&M is fabulous and is an absolute pioneer in its field – which I love! I love doing high style at affordable prices, which H&M has mastered!”, said Iris Apfel.

Happy birthday.