Jennifer Lopez is continuing to expand her licensing empire. After perfumes, a lingerie capsule with the Itlian brand Yamamay and an accessories collection with Kleò, now its time for the launch of jewels with Endless Jewelry.
The Danish jewellery brand, which is increasingly making its mark on the global scene with its wide range of colourful bracelets and classic charms, has indeed entered into a partnership with Jennifer Lopez to sign several collections under the brand “Jennifer Lopez Collection by Endless Jewelry”.

Endless Jewellery was founded in 2013 by Jesper Nielsen – CEO of the company – and his family, after their separation from Pandora Central Western Europe (a subsidiary of the jewellery giant Pandora) of which they were co-founders. Their mission was to create an affordable luxury jewellery line with broad appeal. Endless swept through the markets in Europe and USA and in just 14 months established itself in more than 20 countries with collections available in over 3,000 shops in Europe alone.
The choice of a partnership with Jennifer Lopez comes clearly from the will to support and increase this growth with an international superstars who shares the same values of the brand. Jesper Nielsen, has indeed highlighted that:

“Endless Jewelry is all about fun, positivity, colours and being yourself. We offer women a way to personalize her jewellery choices by letting her mix and match designs to stand out from the crowd. Jennifer Lopez’s extraordinary style and charisma perfectly represent the collection.”