The world’s most desired women’s shoes enter the manga scene, thanks to the common vision of Sandra Choi, the brand’s designer, and the one of mangaka Naoko Takeuchi, in a capsule collection that travels on the wings of colour and fantasy.

Lacquered boots and cuissardes, coloured satin pumps in Sailor Moon warrior style, all-over pink Swarovski crystal crossbody bags are an exercise in style, a #tb for nostalgic Millennials, going beyond the standard concept of a limited edition pair of shoes.

After the homages of brands like Vans, Casio, Sanrio, to the 30th anniversary of Sailor Moon, Sandra Choi’s wich to send a message to all women, as she declares in occasion of the launch: “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is a unique global phenomenon – a manga and anime that resonates, bridging cultures and languages, speaking to different generations, bringing us all together. That is what drew me to this project, to celebrate 30 years of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon through this collaboration. Being able to work so closely with Naoko Takeuchi has been so inspiring. This collaboration underscores our shared values not just of female empowerment but for fashion’s ability to inspire inclusivity and individuality through personality and self-belief. The notion of transformation via fashion is central to Naoko Takeuchi, and clothes play a vital role in the identity of her super heroines, especially their shoes, the most powerful transformer you can step into».

Jimmy Choo x Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is available from February 14 on and exclusively in Europe at Selfridges, with a pop-up shop set in the magical Sailor Moon universe.