The socks brand has just launched a new collection of socks dedicated to the New York pop artist Jeremyville, where joy, love and positivity take center stage.

Studio Jeremyville, led by the artist and the creative director Megan Mair, develops global initiatives and community art projects around the world. Their mission is to create art that inspires social change, on a personal & community level and that encourages positive thinking, creativity, and empowerment for all people.

The viral artist’s creations come to life in our this collection of athletic socks, designed to bring positivity & authenticity to all Jimmy Lion’s customers. “Forever Always’ and ‘Giant Heart’ are the two heart-themed fitting Valentine’s week, accompanied by the other themes “Ciao!”, “Jethro” and “Be Close to Nature” that complete the collection.

The collection, which included as usual a themed gift box, is available on, Jimmy Lion’s stores, and throughout all the brand’s wholesale network.