The power of collaboration, or how to play disruptively with one of the most recognizable logo on earth, without messing with it, adding more legendary hype instead.

Lacoste new Collector Edition for holidays 2016 is an example of the mass of communication a collaboration can deliver, with so small efforts on product innovation, but –at least in case of Lacoste- a strong will to trust the collaborator.

The world famous crocodile has been deeply revolutionized by the photographer and design genius Jean Paul Goude, and as soon as Lacoste firstly posted the pictures on social networks early October, the web immediately went crazy. Not always with warm welcome, but these Editions don’t cater to the mainstream, but collab-freaks who love them.


Lacoste legendary logo is not new to manipulation: in 2014 Peter Saville, the designer behind the most iconic album covers for Joy Division and New Order, was entrusted to redesign the reptile, which he did with abstract graphic deconstructions.

lacoste saville

The Peanuts x Lacoste collection of 2015 was again a bold interpretation, through storytelling situations where the crocodile playfully interacts with Shultz’s characters, a project coordinated by Hayato Kohama, director of Special Product Design Inc. as the external creative support.


Thanks to this crazy interpretation of the croc, the buzz has been created, a bunch of collectors will be happy for the season to come, Lacoste delivers its remarkable products, and off it goes for the next collab.