Lamborghini and Pirelli first partnered in 1963, the year the House of the Racing Bull was founded. Since then, every Lamborghini car to leave the factory has rolled on Pirelli tires.

To celebrate a flagship example of made-in-Italy collaboration, last year Lamborghini unveiled a special new series – the Aventador LP 700-4 Pirelli Edition, replete with a color scheme perfectly tuned to Pirelli’s unique identity and style.

Now both brands have chosen to make another big statement of their shared values – this time with a collaboration that pushes beyond the automotive sector.

“Lamborghini powered by Pirelli Design” is a 3-piece capsule engineered with passionate drivers in mind. The men’s sport-fashion collection comprises a leather jacket, a cotton polo shirt and a soft pair of leather slip-on shoes. Nowhere is Pirelli Design studio’s influence and careful study into driving experience more evident than in the shoes, the absolute highlight of the range.

It’s not the first time Lamborghini has dipped its wheels into the world of fashion: previous ventures have included collaborations with the likes of Car Shoe (for a 50th anniversary capsule) and a three-year relationship with X-Bionic sport jackets. This new extension with Pirelli, however, shows particular ambition, especially considering both brands’ position as outliers in the fashion business.