An all-female licensing project dedicated to a woman’s world from three ladies with an intuitive take on communication.

Pandorine, the roomy shoppers famous in the fashion world for their slogans, have presented their new “Pandorine Mad” 2012 spring/summer capsule collection at Cloudnine during the recent Milan Fashion Week.

The collection counts seven shoppers in a limited edition, all with the ironic aphorisms that are the Pandorine’s trademark and have made them famous the world over, and all in the livery of the late artist and journalist Maddalena Sisto’s iconic sketches based on her very special view of women and their world.

Chiara Felici and Manuela Casella, the driving force behind the “Le Pandorine” label, have managed to capture and interpret those wiry, intense women with their comical, ironic air that Maddalena Sisto – or Mad, as she signed her work – loved to sketch with her light, apparently hasty strokes that were so expressive and rich in brilliantly observed detail. The common ground behind this rather unlikely trio of bag ladies is undoubtedly their very feminine take on creativity and a shared ability to subtly communicate what being a woman means.