Lego and Universal Music Group revolutionize the kids gaming industry

Lego and Universal Music Group just launched the first range of LEGO VIDIYO products, an innovative gaming experience of music video making, designed to enhance and expand the creativity of children through the synergy of physical and digital play and music.

By downloading a free app, Lego Vidiyo connects the games created by Lego with the music tracks of artists linked to the record label Universal Music Group.

The first product launch of the Lego Vidiyo family consists of 6 Beatboxes, each containing a Lego mini figure, one for each musical genre, in addition to a stage to be scanned and 16 Beatbits – different creative systems of audiovisual effects. 12 Bandmates, a range of collectible and music-inspired minifigures, are also available.

Kids can choose the song, scan the Lego minifigures Lego and Beatbits, and thanks to augmented reality, they will see their own creations come to life. Competition among players is also part of the game, creating their own bands for performances, choosing the stage clothes, the names of the bands and the album covers.

Lego Vidiyo includes about 30 different songs of international artists from Universal Music Group roster, top-of the-charts tracks but also great classics.

A special featuring is included it this partnership: a global deal with Astralwerks, Universal label, for the Tropicon BeatBox minifigure DJ Llama in flesh and blood.


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