After having been a partner in the celebrations of the 200th anniversary of Lousi Vuitton, Lego continues its connection with the luxury brand through a retail initiave which includes Louis Vuitton’s holiday windows and store displays across the world.

Starting end of October, Lego bricks create a colourful scenary displayed in all the brand’s store windows, celebrating art and imagination. This initiatives continues the collaboration between Lego and Louis Vuitton, started last year during the Louis 200 celebrations when Lego was appointed by the luxury brand as one of the 200 “visionary artists”, invited to express their creativity and celebrating the founder’s innovative spirit, and his ongoing legacy.

A giant brick cake was the creative output Lego donated to the masion last year, while this year, until January 1st, Louis Vuitton windows will feature multicoloured cascade of Lego bricks, giant Christmas trees and wall decorations inspired to the “damier” motif, and – where it is possible – brick-inspired installations, like a giant Arc du Triomphe in Paris, and a Tour Eiffel made of piled giant trunks in Milan. The Lego collaboration will be featured also on special Christmas packaging.

And nothing will be lost, as when all the windows will be dismanteled, the recovered bricks will be donated to kids thanks to local organizations.