Just in time for the London Fashion Week, LEGO Wear and Snapchat teamed up to launch a new creative retail experience that blends physical and digital, looking at future of fashion.

Targeting a wider “social” audience, the toy company, known for its iconic plastic bricks, appointed Snapchat to launch a new limited-edition clothing line produced by Danish apparel company Kabooki, Lego licensee since 1993.

The result of this collaboration was an – apparently – empty pop-up store in London with just a plinth-posted Snapcode that allowed shoppers to enter a virtual shop.
The concept, created by the agency We Are Social, was to lead visitors in a space to explore, where they could see different areas of the virtual store through their phone screens for a Millennial-friendly experience. Both the store and the clothes targeted toward adults, with a nightclub scene including a DJ booth, arcade machine, bouncer made of LEGO and, of course, exclusive products available for sale directly to Snapchat users, without them having to leave the app. The offer includes sweatshirts, T-shirts and caps carrying the iconic LEGO logo in a palette of grey, black and white.

The new initiative was also brought about to promote Kabooki’s collection across the UK, France and Germany, as well as boost Lego wear’s e-commerce sales.

Lea Sandell, Global Social Media Innovation Lead for LEGO, stated: “For us the core experience is still about using imagination to combine bricks in creative ways, and we see technology as an extension and enhancement of the physical experience. We’re constantly looking at ways of innovating the core physical LEGO play experiences in fun and engaging ways.”

LEGO is the perfect example of an heritage brand able to make itself always fresh and exciting by innovating, not only with special-edition toys, film and games, but withe several projects evolving the play experience.