Ten years have passed since the first Milano Licensing Day, the licensing networking event which puts together the most part of the Italian professionals in one day.

The Italian licensing market has dramatically changed in ten years, and so has the event, which recently added features and contents to appeal the growing appetite of its demanding visitors.

In the latest edition of September 8th, Brand Jam was there, with a special area dedicated to lifestyle licensing and co-branding.

The common ground among licensors like Ceres-Unibrew, Chupa Chups, Kelloggs, Mentos, Smiley, The Licensing Company, WWF World Wildlife Fund were the limited edition ranges, co-branded or licensed. Visitors were welcomed by a show-room featuring Moleskine’s new Yellow Submarine limited edition, Kellogg’s Vintage t-shirts by Duck Farm, Le Pandorine with Chupa Chups, and some sneak peek of the next Smiley collaborations.

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Co-branding and lifestyle branding innovation are alive and kicking, it seems.