Louvre x Uniqlo turns classic art to artsy pop

Musée du Louvre has become a power user of collaborations. One year after the capsule collection created with Off-White, here it goes again with a multi layered and long term collaboration created to get art closer to a broad target.

Included in the program called Saturday Nights, which extends the museum’s opening hours, a new Mini-Discovery Tour dedicated to families has been developed, along with the launch of a capsule collection in partnership with UT, Uniqlo T-shirts label.

Legendary paintings and sculptural masterpieces, centuries of creativity, artistry, and philosophy are featuring this Louvre x Uniqlo LifeWear collection, where boundaries between art and fashion, time and space, seem dissolved in a contemporary sense of beauty.

All graphics represent a tribute to the woman over the centuries, seen through a journey of the different visions of the most famous and acclaimed artists of all time.

The artistic catalyst of this reinterpretation is no less than Peter Saville, the legendary graphic designer whose art still influences the young creative generations. Saville reinterpreted the Musée’s masterpieces under the theme “Art and Logic”, after discovering that the most famous work in the world, the ‘Mona Lisa’, is known in the Louvre simply as “Painting n . 779 “.

Louvre x Uniqlo pursues the same branding strategy started with Beyoncé and Jay-Z video in 2018, today partnering for the next four years with a mass retailer, while adding the contemporary artsy touch of Peter Saville contemporary vision.


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