Love by Britto is a one-of-a-kind collaboration between the Californian company Princess Cruises and artist Romero Britto.

More than just a restaurant, Love by Britto has been conceived as “an unforgettable culinary experience” that “celebrates love and happiness”, and adds up to the cruise line’s experiences.

Considered the living artist with the most licensing agreements in history, Britto is the founder of the Happy Art Movement, which is fully manifested here through his colourful and playful imagery. Love by Britto is a culinary experience conceived as an art gallery dedicated to the artist’s joyful aesthetic, set against the backdrop of a sophisticated restaurant designed to immerse couples in a world of bright colours, bold patterns and emotions.

But art is not enough, and against this super-artistic backdrop is the culinary virtuosity of Rudi Sodamin, who presents a meticulously curated menu designed as an immersive journey, a multi-sensory exploration, offering dishes of unprecedented creativity.

Love by Britto, just opened on Deck 17 of Sun Princess, is the first in a series of restaurants (…sorry, experiences) that will soon open on the rest of the fleet.