Karim Rashid is for sure one of the most eccentric designer, willing to extend the limits of design with new unconventional collaborations and this is the time for an eye-catching manicure.

During the last edition of Cosmoprof, the international beauty show that took place in Bologna, FABY presented the new collection Love Kolor @ New York created in collaboration with Karim Rashid.

The king of colors applies for the first time his art to nail polish, with a positive, energetic view, turning it into a design object. Six extraordinary colors, all extremely bright and a long-lasting. Lime, purple, cyan, violet, orange and the unmissable pink, usually appearing in his creations as well as in his clothes.
For this collection Karim was inspired by New York, especially for the polish names that make reference to some iconic places and symbols of the city, such as Mrs. Liberty for the bright cyan that reminds Karim of the color of the oxidized Statue of Liberty, or Radio City for the purple, the color of the Radio City neon signage. The collection name, Love Kolor comes from a track Karim released as a deejay, another art where he expressed his personal hymn to colors and shapes.

Karim has also designed the exclusive display for FABY limited edition LOVE KOLOR featuring his unique “hieroglyphics”, the “Karimagologos”, turning it in to a unique design object.

“I’ve always expressed myself by wearing rings complemented by manly manicures. I think of it as a way of
personalizing the body and another form of self-expression” Karim Rashid