A collective of artists, designers, buyers and stylists has created M Collective, a revolutionary multibrand concept store, where collaborations, personalization, and most of all focus on shoppers’ state of mind could be a revolution in the brick-and-mortar lifestyle retail.

“It doesn’t matter how you dress but how you feel”. That’s the mantra at M Collective, just opened in Milan, first in a row of 15 to be opened worldwide within 2020. Shopper’s state of mind is the pounding heart of M Collective: the shopper is not supposed to enter the store and look for a pair of shoes, or a perfume, a vinyl toy, or even a flower composition, but possibly any of those items, which are displayed not by style, but by three levels of state of mind. More: the exaggerate, playful and enthusiast; Much: the sofisticated, chic, and elegant, and Minus: the minimalist, less-is-more, and balanced.

Ledwalls and interactive touch screens mix technology with human touch, not only to enhance the feelings in the 3 areas, but to allow the shopper to know more about the brand, sizes and colors in stock, accessories matching. “A revolutionary way to evaluate and judge a product by its story, not by its price” state M Collective creators Cristina Mila, Anna Casiraghi and Antonino Rindone, who define their concept as “real value store”. Its price strategy: no item will ever be retailed at more than 1,000 euro.

Collections, ranging from apparel, accessories, gadgets, gift, flowers, sweets, change with high frequency. Co-branding and limited editions expressely made for the store are a must, like Imperial for M range of dresses and jackets currently in stock. Every area will also have its personal shopper bag, designed by different artists interpreting the mood of the single area: minimal, classy, and colorful.

Some 15 other worldwide opening are in the pipeline, with London as the focus target.

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