Since when sanitary masks become mandatory in the major part of the globe, and as soon as global production has been able to reach the huge and immediate demand, manufacturers started phase two: offering the market special featured masks, adding special twists through fashion patterns, captions, but especially characters from the entertainment industry.

Most of the cases were unauthorized usage of characters or brands, mainly because the licensing industry was (and still is) discussing about the opportunity of associating their brands and character with the global sanitary emergency.

That’s when MaskClub comes in. On Friday April 10th Trevco, a Detroit company, launched this first ever branded subscription face mask website, with an amazing offer of 60+ designs licensed by Warner Bros., Hasbro, Sanrio, and others.

“It all started with trying to help our local hospital in Detroit, secure needed personal protective equipment during COVID19” explains Trevco founder Trevor George “After we were able to get them 250,000 masks, I thought to myself, there has to be something more my company, Trevco, can do.”

In one single day the site was a viral sensation, and today, American customers can get a mask a month from their favorite brands while giving back with aids to first responders.

Trevco is also proud to align with Homedics, a global health and wellness company who helps the company source the medical grade face masks that MaskClub donates. With their help, Trevco insures a reliable and sustainable supply chain of incoming masks to donate.