At the last edition of  WHITE in September the Collection PRIVÈE? stand was full of enticing wares from prestige partnerships with such heavyweight brands as Porselli, K-Way, Superga and Bruno Acampora.

We interviewed the driving force behind the projects, Massimo Bizzi, and asked him about the Collection PRIVÈE? brand’s story

Our first Collection PRIVEE? venture was back in 1988. It was a courageous footwear collection featuring an adventurous combination of unique materials and experimental techniques. The whole thing was very much a leap in the dark, which is why we have a question mark in our brand name. In 2001 Collection PRIVEE? launched garment dyed leather on the market for the first time. Thanks to this innovative technique our brand developed a very strong identity and set a new fashion trend rolling. Because our products are hand-washed and garment dyed each Collection PRIVEE? piece is virtually unique; with fascinating irregularities that gives them rather a vintage look. This technique became Collection PRIVEE?’s hallmark and carried the brand forward on a wave of success. Collection PRIVEE? collections are for sophisticated men and women who know what they want and like to project their image discreetly through finely crafted details.

Collection PRIVÈE For…tell us about your co-branding and licensing projects

Over the last couple of years we’ve added co-branding capsule collections to our main Collection PRIVEE? and Collection PRIVEE L’UX? lines. Obviously all with the inimitable Collection PRIVEE? stamp. We like to dig out that special “piece”, as we did with Superga: the model we used then was actually one they had studied themselves but had never commercialised. We restyled it and added that unique touch that makes all our collections special. Or take our K-Way jackets: we lined the original basic vintage model with the straight, unwaisted drop with top quality materials and then garment dyed it, turning it into a luxury urban jacket.

Have you got any new projects up your sleeve?

Actually we are considering some new co-branding projects for the near future. Our strategy is to collaborate with big names, who enjoy working with our vision and taste, reinterpreting iconic items from each brand. I always work personally on these projects, defining the shapes and dyes that are the very soul of Collection PRIVEE?.

What’s your opinion of licensing? Do you see it as a way uniting forces to double results or as a dangerous loss of control over your brand identity?

Well we mainly do co-branding, although our Collection PRIVEE? Acampora perfume is a full-blown license. I feel that this type of operation actually strengthens both the brands involved and gives them greater visibility. They’re popular with consumers and I don’t think you run any risk of losing part of your identity; on the contrary, I think they reinforce it.