Max&Co., a brand of the Max Mara group, launched the &Co.LLABORATION project just a few seasons ago, with the prospect of making it a container for all of Max&Co’s collaborations.

It was during this year’s summer season that Max Mara surprised most clients with its Lady Oscar capsule collection, reworking a charachter that has a massive active global fan base. although not often used in licensed projects.

Today the brand surprises us anew by attentively incorporating the Japanese icon Tamagotchi, embedded in the typical taste of a Max&CO project.

Tamagotchi, an unusual mixture among a digital pet, a toy and an electronic device, is the undisputed predecessor of modern portable gaming, and thanks to its astounding innovational drive it has been capable of bringing emotions to kids and ex-kids alike since 1997.

Max&Co, took inspiration from Tamagotchi’s mood and its pixellated pop graphic style and aesthetic, to create a deeply respectful collection tinged of the sparkling effervescence of the Parisian style.

Knee-high socks and black leather shoes, shirts ad black and white striped sweaters, together with the unmistakable Basque hat, in a treatment replicating the Lady Oscar collab: classic Max&CO bright coloured looks, elevated with new iconographic elements.

Considering how much the brand has been reincorporating elements from the ‘80s and ‘90s’ Japanese aesthetic, it’s fair to assume that we will see more collaborations like these among the next &Co.LLABORATION projects.