mcdsLast year McDonald’s launched in France a bold poster campaign consisting entirely of simple drawings of the classic McD’s products on a white background without anything, branding or text, but a small Golden Arch logo. The same campaign, created by TBWA, arrived in Italy beginning also, and pop icons of Big Mac, cheeseburger, fries, sundae, Chicken Nuggets and Filet-o-Fish are now happily dressing the major Italian cities.

The iconic power of the campaign is so strong that Coin, major Italian department store chain, will feature them on a special collection –McStyle, a limited edition of apparel and accessories.
The collection includes t-shirts and sweatshirts, bags, smartphone and tablet covers, headsets, diaries, skateboards, watches and pins, and is made in collaboration with specialist brands, such as Pijama for tablet covers, Skullcandy for headasets, Atypical for skateboards.

The McStyle collection is debuting February 23rd in the flaghsip Coin store in Milan, and endorsed by Carlotta Ferlito, the gym olympic athlete. The items will be available at special corners in 20 Italian department stores until the end of March.

TBWA Paris declared last year to AdWeek that the campaign is “unique and modern, in the McDonald’s brand image,” “exclusive, simple and universal, just like the six iconic products” and “a fun and intriguing addition to our cities.” Using McDonalds icons in Italy on a lifestyle collection retailed by one of the major department store is certainly a bold step, but it could happily mark a new chapter in mass market brand enhancement programs and advertising.