TBWA iconic campaign for McDonald’s scores again with a fashion and accessories collection. A sister collection of the Italian McStyle at Coin, developed by Integer and TBWA Italy already reported by Brand Jam one month ago, moves to France, where the fast food chain is teaming up with the super cool Colette.

The principle is the same: to offer a collection of t-shirts, bags and smartphone cases featuring the pop icons of Big Mac, Cheeseburger, Fries, Sundae, Happy Meal, created by TBWA for McDonald’s poster campaing in 2014, slightly revised for this fashion usage. The golden arches and the double bullet blue logo is the signature of Colette x McDonald’s collection, which will be available at Colette store and online for one month only, starting May 4th.

TBWA Paris declared last year to AdWeek that the campaign is “unique and modern, in the McDonald’s brand image,” “exclusive, simple and universal, just like the six iconic products” and “a fun and intriguing addition to our cities.” Probably they could not imagine it could reach so far.