Japan is a country rich of culture, traditions and art from which to take inspiration both for design and fashion.
But, above all, for many Japan is synonymous of technology, video games, manga and anime.
Many Japanese anime characters, which arrived in the Europe between the ’80s and’ 90s, have become real cults, like Doraemon or Dragon Ball, just to name a few.

Among these, perhaps less celebrated, there are little treasures hidden in the memories of many, but unquestionably iconic like Astro Boy, the first humanoid robot in the history of anime and the progenitor of the robot genre, certainly one of the most representative of Japanese animation.

Moleskine, always innovative in the choice of its collaborations and with a remarkable style in product design, has decided to celebrate the 90th anniversary of its creator, Osamu Tezuka, with two Astro Boy limited edition notebooks.

Created in 1952, Astro Boy is considered one of the most famous and important masterpieces in the history of Japanese comics; with over 100 million copies sold worldwide, it has become one of the most popular and influential manga of all time.

The 1963 anime, that inspired one of the two covers of Moleskine, also celebrate this year its 55th anniversary. Created and produced by Tezuka himself, the television series was an astounding success that became a mainstream hit all around the world, that was praised for its importance in developing the anime and manga industry. The first cartoon of Astro Boy also marks the birth of the modern Japanese animation industry, thanks to the introduction of technical and stylistic innovations and aesthetics, that radically changed the world of anime and that would have influenced future generations of mangaka.

This collaboration joins other special limited editions, launched during the year, to celebrate these two important anniversaries.
We can’t not mention for example, Astro Boy x BAIT x Diadora, Astro Boy x New Era Korea or Astro Boy x Diamond Supply Co.