At Brand Jam we admire those brands with that special talent for constantly appearing uniquely new and relevant.

The ones that consistently introduce original, innovative products and ideas that force us to reckon with them.

In this sense, Moleskine is probably our most loved brand: a brand whose strength lies in continuously making remarkable products that are difficult for consumers and media to ignore.

Limited editions, so frequent and so diverse, are pivotal to Moleskine to keep momentum.

The latest limited edition adds something pop to it: a Maneki-neko limited edition, based on the friendly feline which welcomes guests and is believed to bring fortune to all. A deeply rooted character in Asian culture whose popularity has spread around the world to become an icon, which Moleskine elevates to a contemporary pop culture level.

Two special covers and the special “good luck” stickers are the major features of these two versions of notebooks, retailed at 21,99 – in limited edition of course.

Wishing good luck for the year to come