“From Pepperland to Paperland, bringing music loving psychedelia to paper with the Beatles Limited Edition Collection”…so goes the motto of the new Moleskine x Yellow Submarine collection.

Moleskine launched today a new limited edition of notebooks with a psychedelic vibe. It’s inspired by the musical fantasy movie, Yellow Submarine: a surreal, animated adventure based on the Beatles song of the same name, released 50 years ago.

With this special collection, created under license to the Beatles’ company, Apple Corps, Moleskine also pays tribute to a band whose influence continues to have an impact in and beyond the musical realm and the artistic contribution of the artists and animators involved in the Yellow Submarine movie.

The psychedelic graphics on the covers, endpapers, and sticker set have been carefully designed as a homage to sixties pop culture and its “All you need is love” vibe. Today’s generations continue to be inspired by the band’s music and culture, giving rise to this limited edition’s re-interpretation of Yellow Submarine’s iconic and surreal imagery.

The Beatles Limited Edition Notebook Collection uses five themed graphics and comprises hard cover notebooks in large and pocket format, and 5,000 Limited Edition Box Sets for collectors. All products feature themed endpapers, paper-bands and a Beatlemania sticker set.

To celebrate the launch of the collection, Dutch papercut artist and director Rogier Wieland has created an original video inspired by Yellow Submarine and the cover art of the notebooks, using trippy, 3D animations that pop out of the screen and a magical submarine that reveals itself to be made of Moleskine notebooks. The promotional video will be available here or on Moleskine’s Vimeo and YouTube page after the offical launch, today at 5 pm (GMT +2:00)

View the gallery for a first peek at the collection!