It has been 60 years since the theatrical release of the first James Bond film , “007-Licence to Kill,” which was a resounding success, and brought the character to the height of a “franchise”.

One of the key features of the protagonist is the incredible array of gadgets he is equipped with, that help him in his spectacular adventures and play a central role in the Bond legend. Montegrappa has therefore created the 007 Spymaster Duo rollerball that celebrates the art of secrecy with strength, style and state-of-the-art gadgets.

Crafted and expertly assembled from ribbed steel and anodized knurled aluminum, it offers much more than meets the eye. A secret compartment houses a pair of cufflinks, distinguished by the 007 logo, which can be pulled out or safely stored as needed.

Then, just like a device created by  MI6’s Q Branch, the revolutionary Swift-Shot filling system uses a special reloading pipette and Power-Push hydraulics to refill bespoke 007 brass ink cartridges.

Produced in a limited-run edition of only 380 rollerball and fountain pens, its custom-made leatherette travel case is the final touch of this 007 experience, equipped with documents, accessories and secret compartments, ready for any writing mission.