“Genderless” or “a-gender”. For at least two years we have been hearing and reading about these terms a lot, since we came to the conclusion that every item and accessory should be accessible to everyone. But maybe, if there’s an accessory to which the big fashion houses have thought a little less, this is the famous 24-hour case. A leather bag used almost exclusively by men in suits, which in some workplaces often represents a symbol of “power”.

Morgan Stanley, no less, tries to downplay this accessory, giving it an alternative connotation, launching a collaboration (its first) with the designer Rebecca Minkoff, famous for her “banker bag”. Together they signed a bag that reinvents the most classic and masculine concept of the 24-hour case, an accessory that refers to the already famous designer’s bag, with a more feminine shape.

This unusual collaboration started from an internal Morgan Stanley survey, according to which less than the 3% of women owned a 24 hour case, while 50% of them would not have felt comfortable bringing it at the office.

“We thought this collaboration would resonate with strong, professional women.” Said Alice Milligan, Morgan Stanley’s CMO.

The bags, presented exclusively at New York Fashion Week during the designer’s show, will be available to all Morgan Stanley employees worldwide from January, while consumers can buy them on Rebecca Minkoff’s website.