Japanese homeware and lifestyle expert Muji , celebrated for its minimalist product design and commonly referred to as a “brandless” company, is now extending to autonomous vehicles.

Unlike the British household appliances company Dyson, which invested several billion in electric car sector with a new automotive division, Muji entered the business partnering with the Finnish company Sensible 4 – specialized in autonomous vehicles – signing the design of the new Gacha shuttle.

The result of this collaboration is a small bus with a minimal design, like any Muji product. As for undertaking this project, Muji exclaims that it is part of the label’s mission to advance the well-being of communities. The shuttle bus is expected to launch in Finnish cities such as Espoo, Vantaa, and Hämeenlinna as early as 2020.

This new collaboration is part of the brand’s expansion plan, which aims to continue to improve the way people live through contemporary design in various fields, and follows the recent projects of a grocery store, prefabricated holiday cabin, micro apartments and hotels.